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By Order of the Court

In accordance with the Governor's declaration of public health emergencies in Proclamation Numbers 25 JBE 2020, 27 JBE 2020, 30 JBE 2020, 33 JBE 2020, 41 JBE 2020 and Governor Edwards' extension of emergency provisions announced on April 27, 2020, (extending the emergency condition until May 15, 2020, and to May 18, 2020 by the Supreme Court) and the Supreme Court of Louisiana Order dated April 6, 2020, as amended on April 22, 2020, and in consideration of ongoing public health recommendations to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus and slowing the spread of the disease while balancing the need to protect the constitutional rights and public safety of the citizens of the state by maintaining access to Louisiana courts,

It is Hereby Ordered That:

1. To the extent that proceedings can be conducted by remote conference, the Sulphur City Court shall conduct all court matters in this way. If someone objects to this proceeding and is found to have a legitimate reason for said objection, the court allows the use of a computer with camera and hooked up directly to a Zoom meeting assigned to the court, in the court's lobby area. Court personnel shall assist anyone who desires to use the computer for that purpose. Anyone who has a legitimate reason for delaying court (sick, injured, cannot come to court to use the computer, or possibly having Covid-19 symptoms) will have to be delayed until in-person court resumes, on a case-by-case decision.

2. In-Person Proceedings: The prohibition on in-person proceedings (except as expressly permitted in the April 6, 2020 Order of the Supreme Court) is hereby extended until May 18, 2020.

3. The court will continue to do right to counsel hearing for the Sulphur City Jail and Calcasieu Correctional Center prisoners as scheduled on Zoom meetings.

4. All court personnel shall continue to follow the CDC guidelines and protection from the virus until further orders of the Court.

By Order of the Court date April 29, 2020.

Charles Schrumpf

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